All Respect to My Docs

Crohnie Man

All Respect to My Docs

Well yesterday, March 19 2014, I had my colonoscopy / endoscopy follow-up with Doc C. As my Chronic Babies should all know and hopefully this will educate some others, these Doctors are real people to, with real emotions, emotions sometimes they wear on their sleeves. I am very good friends with my two GPs, Doc David, and PA Carla as well as my GI, Doc C. They spend lots of time at appointments and go out of their way to say hello if they see me about.

As I sat waiting in the waiting room (I do lots of this, i.e. foot pics) of Fairmont General Hospital Department of Gastroenterology, I noticed Doc C walking down the hall toward his office with a different look on his face. Just a few moments after that his wife, Nurse Michele call me and we started the routineā€¦

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