Possibly Another Colonoscopy

I had an appointment with my GI this afternoon. Apparently my White Blood Cell(WBC) count has been going up steadily the last couple of weeks. My WBC count is now at 18 and the normal range is 4.8 – 10.8 K/microL. We’re still waiting for my stool samples to come back from the lab. We probably won’t have those results until Monday. This is also when my doctor should be letting me know what the plan is. 

They may have to do another colonoscopy to see exactly what is going on. They’re not sure if I’m actually in a flare or if I’m having a bad reaction to the meds. Again. And if it is the meds I’ll be going on the biologics. I’m not sure which one at this point. A lot of the decision is probably going to ride on the insurance unfortunately since they can deny shit if you haven’t tried other combinations that they want you to do. I think my doctor mentioned Cimza as a possibility but I can’t say for sure.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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