Health Update

One of the things I’ve noticed about my IBD is that things don’t always stay the same for long. It took me a while to figure the latest problem out but once I did I was pretty bummed about it. After three months I realized that my symptoms were getting worse in between my Humira injections. And what I mean by that is the medicine is effective for about 5-7 days before it’s not quite as effective anymore.

Which meant my symptoms were getting worse. I wanted to be sure that this was what was going on before I called my GI doctor. I did call them a couple of weeks ago and they were ok with my Humira getting increased from biweekly to weekly. In part it scares me because I’m worried that I’m starting to build up antibodies to the Humira. Although the only way to know this for sure is to get a blood test done that I heard most insurance companies don’t cover.

I’m now taking Humira weekly and hope that things start to improve. I believe that if this medication fails that Remicade is next.

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