2016 New Years Resolutions

2016-01-01 21.23.42
The day after his surgery

First blog post of the New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over. The last day of the year was not a very good day in this household. My beloved dog Jäger had a partial bowel obstruction and had to have emergency surgery. He was able to come home that night thankfully and I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. I’m so glad that he’s ok and didn’t have a full bowel obstruction or a perforated bowel. Now we’re just focusing on him healing and so far he seems to be doing well.

There are a few things I want to work on in 2016 for the New Year:

  • Focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t.
  • Be more active physically when I can.
  • Get better at meditation
  • Ask for help when I need it.

I think these are the three things that I’m really going to try and focus on in 2016. There’s so many other things that I what to do, like blog more, lose weight. Try to keep my house clean. But I really don’t want to over whelm myself with things to do. Life can be hard enough as it is. Which is why I always try to focus on what I can do. And still need to improve on.

My fiance says that this is me to a T

Asking for help when I need it is another thing that I really need to work on. I always feel like I should be able to handle everything myself. I’m a pretty strong independent woman and I have a hard time with this. My fiance has also told me that I need to get better at asking for help so that I’m not so angry when I finally do. I have a bad habit of thinking that I can get everything done myself and I can’t always do that. At the Girls With Guts retreat in October we talked about how there’s nothing wrong with asking for help and I really need to remember that.

So here’s to a new year! I hope that everyone has a good one and wish you all the best.

My Dog is Scared of Fireworks

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This is my dog Ein yesterday. My whole neighborhood was setting off fireworks and firecrackers. He was freaking out pretty much the whole night. Pacing, panting like crazy and shaking. I felt so bad for him. I had gotten him a Thundershirt and that seemed to help a little but I felt so bad for him. We ended up giving him some Benadryl to help him calm down and that seemed to help a little bit more.

Jäger on the other hand could of cared less about the fireworks. Him and M were running around the front yard after M got home and he was having a blast. And this is the dog and is otherwise a bit of a pansy when it comes to stuff that scares him. Although he is a rescue so I think that might be part of it. His mom and his litter mates were found underneath a house. I’m hoping the Thundershirt will help him when we take car rides. He tends to get very anxious and shake a lot. Ein on the other hand loves them.

I’m hoping my neighborhood isn’t partying as hard as they were last night again tonight. But only time will tell. Fingers crossed that they aren’t.

Ein sporting his Thundershirt.
Ein sporting his Thundershirt.

I Need Stress Management Skills

Today at work I got super stressed out. And as all of you IBDers know, stress makes our symptoms worse. Which is what happened to me today. And after I got stressed out I then got even more stressed because I was worried about making it to the bathroom(I had an hour drive, with few rest areas). By the time I got to the site I was working at today I was chanting “I will not shit myself. I will not shit myself. I will not shit myself.” You know it’s bad when you’re telling yourself that. Luckily I managed to not shit myself but it was a close thing.

It made me realize that I need to get a better emergency kit together for times like this just in case I need it. Right now I just have an extra pair of pants and some underwear. I really should add in some wet wipes and a couple of trash bags. I’m going to try and get it together this weekend.

But today made me realize that I need to work on stress management skills for work. I really wish I could just have one of my dogs be like a Stress Management Service Dog. That would be awesome. But anyway, does anyone have any tips for dealing with stress? Like as it’s happening. I do go to the gym sometimes but that doesn’t help me out in the moment.

Ein Being a Goof While He Eats