Book Review – The Bloodforged by Erin Lindsey

The Bloodforged by Erin Lindsey
Rating: 4/5 Stars
 September 29th, 2015 by Ace
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Yes

The epic saga that started in The Bloodbound continues…

As war between Alden and Oridia intensifies, King Erik must defend his kingdom from treachery and enemies on all sides—but the greatest danger lurks closer to home…

When the war began, Lady Alix Black played a minor role, scouting at the edge of the king’s retinue in relative anonymity. Though she’s once again facing an attacking Oridian force determined to destroy all she holds dear, she is now bodyguard to the king and wife to the prince.

Still, she is unprepared for what the revival of the war will mean. Erik is willing to take drastic measures to defend his domain, even if it means sending Prince Liam into a deadly web of intrigue and traveling into the perilous wild lands of Harram himself.

Only the biggest threat to the kingdom might be one that neither Alix nor Erik could have imagined, or prepared for…

I actually bought this book before I even had the first one. I was in Barnes & Noble buying the next couple of books in the Outlander Series when I saw this on the New Arrivals shelf. The cover caught my eye and after I read the description I was hooked. Only to realize that this was the second book in the series and that the first one was out of stock! I had to order that one online and finished reading it earlier this week. It was a really good book!

I didn’t enjoy the sequel quite as much as the first book. It jumped between the four main characters: Alix, Erik, Rig and Liam. It did bug me a little bit because I really wanted to follow Alix more. But how it was done made sense because what everyone was doing had a lot of influence on other things happening in the book.

This book had a MAJOR plot twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. I can’t wait until the third book in this series comes out!

Book Review – Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: September 30th, 2014 by Ace

Of all those in the King of Alden’s retinue, the bloodbinders are the most prized. The magic they wield can forge invaluable weapons, ones that make soldiers like Lady Alix Black unerringly lethal. However, the bloodbinders’ powers can do so much more—and so much worse…

A cunning and impetuous scout, Alix only wishes to serve quietly on the edges of the action. But when the king is betrayed by his own brother and left to die at the hands of attacking Oridian forces, she winds up single-handedly saving her sovereign.

Suddenly, she is head of the king’s personal guard, an honor made all the more dubious by the king’s exile from his own court. Surrounded by enemies, Alix must help him reclaim his crown, all the while attempting to repel the relentless tide of invaders led by the Priest, most feared of Oridia’s lords.

But while Alix’s king commands her duty, both he and a fellow scout lay claim to her heart. And when the time comes, she may need to choose between the two men who need her most…

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Erin Lindsey did a great job world building. I really like the main character Alix. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tries to stay true to her values. Although sometimes she drives me crazy with the choices she makes. Like not being honest about who she’s in love with.

I had a hard time putting this book down. I was always wondering what was going to happen next. There was a lot of treachery in this book which to me pretty much always makes for an interesting story. Having the crown prince try and steal the throne from his brother who is the king in the middle of a war makes you not want to put the book down. There are so many questions raised by this issue when you start reading the book and thankfully you get answers at the end! It will be interesting to see how these characters grow throughout the series.

The next book in this series is already out thankfully so I didn’t have to wait long to see what happened next!