Flaredown Beta Has Begun!

Last night I got to start using the Flaredown app and so far I love it! Here’s what I had to do to set up an account:

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So far I have changed what conditions I’m tracking. I got rid of arthritis since I haven’t been diagnosed with it and added Fructose Malabsorption. What’s nice about the symptoms, treatments and conditions pages is that you can add stuff that isn’t there. Like Indeterminate Colitis. Or rectal bleeding. You aren’t limited by what the website allows. It allows you to keep track of what you want.

I really like how checking in every day works. It looks great on my computer and on my cell phone:

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I love that I can add doses for my medications. And it’s nice that it doesn’t tell me that I missed a dose considering that Humira is currently biweekly. It’s nice to be able to tag my days for moods, headaches, menstruation, ect. I’ll also be able to tag fruits and veggies like cucumbers to see if they’re bugging me. Here is what a summary of a day looks like:

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Currently I use the notes at the end of the day to keep track of how many BMs I’m having. They’re planning on eventually people being able to add that under symptoms but right now it isn’t available. There also aren’t any graphing capabilities but I’m hoping that will be out soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this is affecting my body and how it trends.

Right now this is only available on the web which I don’t really mind. It still looks great on my phone even as a web page and is still really easy to use. With how the app is set up currently you log your day as an average. You don’t do separate logs for mornings, afternoons and evenings. It would be interesting if that was available to see how you’re symptoms were throughout the day but I really like just being able to put all of this in one spot. I do like it better so far than GIBuddy. I’m really looking forward to how this develops over the next few months.

World Health Day #HAWMC

WEGO Health: April 7th is World Health Day – so let’s talk about daily nutrition and diet. After your diagnosis, did you alter your diet or health routine? If so, how? How do you maintain a healthy regiment?

After I got diagnosed with a fructose malabsorption I definitely changed my diet. There are a lot of foods that have fructose in them. Like pop, honey, veggies, fruits, fruit juices, cereals, yogurt, bread, ect. I had to start reading labels on everything I bought. Avoiding fructose definitely helps a lot.

Over the years I’ve tried going dairy free and gluten free. Neither of which helped. The gluten free might work now that I know I have a fructose malabsorption. I’ve been suggested vegetarian diets, vegan diets, Paleo and low FODMAP diets. The FODMAP diet was suggested by a dietitian and the Paleo diet was suggested by a GI at my current practice.

I’m looking more into the low FODMAP diet. I really think that this would be my best option. I have kept a food journal in the past to help me to figure out food to eat and that did help me figure out a few things. I started keeping my food journal in Evernote this week. I really want to be better at keeping track of food and my symptoms.

And I try to maintain a healthy regiment by doing homemade whenever I can. I try to not eat a whole lot of processed foods but that doesn’t always happen. For a while I was counting calories using My Fitness Pal but I haven’t really been doing that for a while. I’m working on being more active by walking my dogs more and going to the gym. I also have a Fitbit and try to meet my daily step goal. Some days are better than others though!


I was able to get a hold of my dietician about my vinegar question. Apparently balsamic has more glucose than fructose but I should limit it to 1-2 tsp servings. White distilled vinegar has no fructose and cider vinegar trace amounts of fructose. There are also times that HFCS is also added to vinegar apparently. Looks like I will have to start reading the labels. And limiting how much vinegar I’m taking in with the foods I eat. Unless the vinegar is upsetting my stomach for a completely different reason from the fructose intolerance.

Symptom Flare Up

Go figure. Two days after I tell everyone that most of my symptoms have gone away but a few I have a flare up. I noticed the last day or two that my abdomen is getting very distended and I’ve been burping a lot. I have a feeling the culprit may be vinegar or I’ve just been eating too much chocolate recently. I’m not really sure. Unless the SIBO has come back 😦

The main reason why I think that it may be the vinegar is because I’ve been eating a lot of pickles and prepared horseradish. I’ve also been making a white balsamic vinaigrette that I really like. All of these have vinegar in them. I’m not really sure if there’s types of vinegar that I’m not supposed to have. My dietician never mentioned it but some of the paperwork that I have from my GI specialist says that I can’t have apple cider vinegar. Food labels don’t really say what kind of vinegar is in the product. For all I know they are using apple cider vinegar.

I’m hoping that Monday or Tuesday I will get some time to call my dietician and ask her about it. Although it will probably be Tuesday because Monday will already be pretty busy with stuff for work. I definitely plan on taking it easy this weekend with the chocolate and other foods that do have vinegar in them. Hopefully my stomach will settle back down. I’d really rather not have to go back on a restricted diet for another 4 weeks.

Elimination Diet Update

My elimination diet has been over for about a week now. I’m definitely feeling better which makes me very happy. A couple of the symptoms that I was having that were really giving me some problems have calmed down quite a bit.  I’m still keeping up with my food diary. It’s been really helpful with figuring out what is making my stomach upset and what isn’t. Now that the elimination diet is over I can start introducing some more fruits and vegetables back into my diet. I have found out that I really need to watch how much of it I eat at a time when I’m trying to figure out how it will upset my stomach. Moderation for me is key and I really need to focus on that.

I’m still not doing the best with drinking between 1.5-3 quarts of water a day. It’s another thing I need to focus on. I really think that it could help some of my bowel problems. I just need to figure out the best way to go about it. I actually just looked up an app called Water Your Body that I’m going to try out. It’s for Android and it gives you reminders to drink enough water throughout the day. Hopefully it helps because I’m not doing so well on my own. I should also set up a calendar reminder to take my vitamins every day. Especially since I need to get my vitamin D up.