I Just Realized that My Next Humira Injection is Monday

 And this is pretty much how I feel about it. There’s times I feel like I’m being a baby about it but I HATE THESE INJECTIONS. They hurt, they leave bruises, the injection sites are tender for a few days. I just don’t like it. At all.

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry and causes me to get anxious. And the reason I feel like I’m being a baby about it is because I’ve had so many blood draws and IVs over the last year. And then I can sit for 2.5 hrs getting my arm drilled with a tattoo gun and not get upset or cry about it. I just tough it out. But these damn injections make me want to bawl my eyes out. And do make me bawl my eyes out when M has to give me the injection. They just hurt and it seems like no matter how the injections are done they hurt like a bitch. I tried icing the injection site prior to having them last time and that didn’t really seem to help. At all.

My first GI made the medications seem so simple. Take these few pills and we’ll hope you go into remission. And then I end up in the hospital because of the Lialda. And then Prednisode made me gain so much weight that I still haven’t managed to get rid of which could be from the Budesonide. And then I had the allergic reaction to Imuran. And now I’m on a medication that has to be injected into my body.