It's ok to be a glowstick. Sometimes we have to break before we shine.


Reflection #HAWMC

WEGO Health: This is a day to reflect. For the WEGO Health family, we reflect on the inspiring and tireless work Health Activists do every day. Reflect on your journey today. What are your thoughts and hopes for the future?

My hope is that one day there is a cure for IBD and Psoriasis.

Creature of Habit #HAWMC

WEGO Health: What good habits, (health or otherwise,) do you have? Do you have a routine that you follow every morning? Are there any bad habits you wish you could break?

I’m terrible at creating habits. And it doesn’t take much for me to get out of a really good habit. Before I got sick last May with another flare I was doing really well at taking my vitamins every day. And then I got terrible at taking them. I’m still terrible at taking them. I’ve tried medication dispensers. Reminders in my cell phone that I will look at and then forget to take my vitamins. Now, I just carry my vitamins around in my purse so I always have them with me. This has helped a little bit.

I really need to get better at taking them. I have a vitamin D deficiency that is making me pretty fatigued. And it can take a couple of months for it fully take effect. A friend recommended an app called HabitBull that helps you to create new habits. I’ve been using it but I haven’t fully utilized the app to it’s full potential. Which I am going to start doing. I have another reminder set in my phone to help me to take my vitamin D. I need to remind myself that if I don’t take it I’m going to continue to feel fatigued and exhausted all the time.

Another good habit that I used to have was keeping a food/symptom journal. I used it to try and figure out what foods didn’t agree with me and how my IBD symptoms are progressing. I really should start it up again. I’m going to start using Evernote to keep track of food and symptoms. It has a lot of powerful features when it comes to tags and searching notes. It’ll make it easier to find patterns. I already use Evernote to keep track of my workouts when I go to the gym(which I also need to get better about doing). It’s nice to be able to keep track of my progress and to be able to remember where I left off if I haven’t worked out in a couple of weeks.

A good habit, well more like hobby, that I have is that I read a lot. And I mean a lot. I can finish a 350 page book in a day if it’s a really good book. I’ve read 29 books so far this year. I read almost every day. I might go a few days without reading but I don’t normally go more than a week without touching a book.

I also write pretty much everything down in my planner. Stuff for work, doctors appointments, to do lists. It’s nice to keep my life organized like that. I got a new planner this year that I like a lot called Passion Planner. It’s nice to have a full size planner with to do lists in it and room to write notes! I’ll definitely be getting another one next year.

More Prednisone & Humira!

Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks I’ve started to go into a flare. And it sucks. I had an absolutely horrible day at work last Friday. I ended up shitting my pants at the hospital I was working at. I keep an emergency kit in my car for these instances and I’m glad I did. And when it happened I was in the bathroom working on getting to the toilet. I just ended up staring up at the ceiling not believing that this was happening to me. It felt like I spent more time in the bathroom that day at work instead of actually fixing equipment.

I struggled the rest of the day to not burst into tears. It sucks being 26 yrs old and shitting your pants in a public place. I walked out of the hospital to my car hoping no one would notice the wet spots on my pants. I called my GI later that afternoon and left Dr. M’s nurse a voice mail explaining what happened. I didn’t hear back from the GI practice until Monday. They decided that my Humira needed to be weekly for 3 weeks. I’m also on a quick round of Prednisone. I started out at 40mg and I’m dropping 10mg every 4 days.

The timing of this flare is terrible. I’m supposed to be leaving for Ohio for work on Monday. I also had a hell of a week this week at work. I’m starting to feel better but at the same time the stress isn’t helping. Stress poops suck.

I hope that I go off of the prednisone well this round. The last time I was on it was for 2.5 months. Right when I got to around 20mg my symptoms started showing up again. My GI also said that if I continue to have problems with flares my Humira dose may be upped to weekly. I’m also hoping that my psoriasis doesn’t flare when I come off of the oral steroids.