Twitter Chats

Here is a list of upcoming Twitter Chats:

Monthly Chats

@IBDHour on Twitter, hosted by @doobarz
Topics vary by month. Check out the website here for the current monthly topic.
Date and Time
Every 3rd Thursday of the month. It starts at 3pm(EST) and 8PM(GMT).
Important Links
#IBDHour website
Chat Information
#IBDHour launched over on Twitter on 15th September 2016 at 8pm UK time.

This is going to be  monthly Twitter Hour to meet other people with an interest in IBD, support each other and ask any questions you may have!

I’m setting this up because I love Twitter, and think it is unique in the way that it can bring people together. There are lots of other online support mechanisims out there – and plenty of face to face ones too – but I couldn’t find a UK based Twitter discussion group – so I decided to create one!

Come and join in by following @IBDHour on Twitter, and be sure to use #IBDHour

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WEGO Health
Topics very by month
Date and Time
Second Tuesday of every month!


Moving In Together with IBD
Wednesday June 27th at 7pm EST

Hydration & IBD
Tuesday June 26th at 7pm EST